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Our aim is to have photos of both the headline and the support acts for every week from here on. The photo sets are arranged most recent first, and eventually will be archived and organised by year.

You might have noticed that from November 2015 the quality of the pictures has gone way up and the quantity has gone down. This is because the wonderful Justyna Baszczynska has begun taking much better photos of our performers, so I've stepped away from the job. All photos in the Gallery are copyright Justyna Baszczynska, so please don't reproduce them without her permission.

Forthcoming Gigs

Time: 19:30

Time: 19:30


Victoria Park
House Hotel

221 Ferry Road

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7, 11, 14, 21

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Doors are open for all gigs at 7.30pm. Tickets for all gigs are £7 unless otherwise stated.
Please collect your reserved tickets by 7.30 pm on the evening of the performance. Reservations made on the day of the performance might not be confirmed or acknowledged.
Do please let us know if you have restricted mobility and would like a seat reserved.

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For General Information: info at leithfolkclub dot com
For Ticket Reservations: tickets at leithfolkclub dot com

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